Caroline Webster

Why should you hire me? 

Experience: I’ve worked with businesses proofreading reports, website content, and articles, and I’ve assisted individual authors across myriad genres. I am comfortable tackling any editing or writing project you send my way, whether you are looking for a final proofread, substantive edits on your first novel, or help with writing an e-book.

Talent: I am meticulous, insightful, and thorough. When editing, The Chicago Manual of Style is my constant companion, and I can accommodate other style preferences. Check out what clients are saying and my LinkedIn recommendations.

Flexibility: I’m interested in working with you on one project, or twenty, on reports, blog posts, or editing your 100,000-word manuscript. You can hire me by the hour, by the project, and/or for ongoing consultation.

Heart: I care. I care a lot. I will give your project—whether it’s a one-page letter to clients, a YA novel, a security report, or a fintech article you need written on a tight deadline—my whole heart, and then some. The end result? Something you and I can both be proud of.

Gateless: I’m a Gateless certified editor and teacher. Gateless is a gentle, curious, and bold portal to the creative genius within. I look forward to Gatelessly supporting you and your work.